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Even if you cannot read the first kanji, but can read the second or any of the other kanji in this word you can easily find this word in this dictionary.

If you cannot read the 1st kanji, type the 2nd kanji and you will find the word

In this example we are using the katakana keyboard. You can also use the romaji (alphabet) keyboard, the hiragana keyboard, or the kanji input.

  1. Step 1: Type the reading of the kanji you know. In this example, the reading of the 2nd kanji I. You can also type r which is another reading of this kanji.
  2. Next: You will see a list of words with as the 2nd kanji.

Shows how  is read and its meaning
  1. Next: The pronounciation of this word and the meaning in both Japanese and English is displayed.

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