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TRUMPHY-We own the World

Hi, I am Trumpy.

Have you heard about me? I am the most famous and most powerful person on earth.
I can make people rich (very rich) instantly and I can also make people very poor instantly.
I will make you a super rich billionaire. And, we are going to own the world.

This is my advice:

Earn and invest a lot of money. And, you will become the world's richest person and the world will be yours.
Remember, always think of yourself first, others later. It should always be:


Start with this game, and learn how to make money.

Find and tap two identical cards to remove them. Earn money by removing the cards and yield more profits by making smart investments. Enjoy for being super rich and buy anything you want. Make the world yours.

Removing the cards within the time limit will give you a sweet time bonus. Remember: Time is money.

Make smart investments. There are two types of investments, FINANCE and PROPERTY. Within finance you can select STOCK or GOLD, and within property you can select REAL ESTATE or TRANSPORTATION. Successful investment will yield a four-time return. To lower your risk you can also split your investment into two, for example you can split your investment 50-50 into stock and gold.

Use TRUMPY to multiply your earning. Beside TRUMPY you can also use TIPPY and CAP. TIPPY will give you tips and help you find the identical cards. If you pair TIPPY and TRUMPY and follow TIPPY's hints, TRUMPY will appear and use his SUPER SMASH to remove the cards. CAP will cover and darken the cards in the lower levels, so that you can easily identify the cards that can be removed.

Go on a shopping spree and buy anything you want including the world's heritages. Note however that there are many people who want to buy the world's heritages because there is only one of each. So somebody may buy yours! Therefore keep enough money to buy it back.

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