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Why do you have poor Japanese vocabulary?
Why can't you read Japanese newspaper?
Why can't you read Japanese manga?
Why can't you express your feeling in Japanese?

Because Japanese dictionaries won't let you find the word if you do not know how to read it.

If you cannot read and do not know the meaning of a word, you want to find it in a dictionary. To find it in a dictionary need to know how to read it. But, unfortunately you do not know how to read it. "IT IS A VICIOUS CYCLE". So, you can't increase your vocabulary, therefore you can't improve your Japanese. This is the Japanese dictionary vicious cycle.

If you cannot read the first kanji, looking for a Japanese word in a dictionary can be very difficult and frustrating. Why? Because, in Japanese kanji the same kanji can be read in multiple ways. This makes it very difficult to read, especially for non-Japanese speakers.

For example, how can you find the word "田舎" in a dictionary?
     "田" has two readings: "TA" and "DEN", and
     "舎" has four readings: "O", "SHA", "SEKI", and "YADO"
So you have a combinations of eight reading combinations: "TA-O", "TA-SHA", "TA-SEKI", "TA-YADO", "DEN-O", "DEN-SHA", "DEN-SEKI", or "DEN-YADO".

Unfortunately, after looking into the dictionary for all these eight readings, you still cannot find this word, because none of these readings is correct. The correct reading is: "INAKA" and there is no way to know it.

But, you can master and improve your Japanese with this dictionary. You will easily find any Japanese word even if you do not know how to read it!


Even if you cannot read the first kanji, you can easily find the word in this dictionary if can read the second or any kanji after the first kanji.
There is no need to know the correct reading. For example, you can find the word "田舎" with any of these readings "TA", "DEN", "O", "SHA", "SEKI", or "YADO", which are all not the right readings.
No more need to worry about the small or extended sounds like っ, う, etc… For example, "a school"(学校)should be searched as “Gakkou", but even if you mistakenly enter "Gako" this dictionary will find it for you.
This dictionary not only gives you the pronounciation and meaning in Japanese but also the English translation. It has more than 55,000 words, idioms and more than 13,000 difficult to read names of places.
This dictionary is for the Nintendo 3DS. Why? Because the Nintendo 3DS is the only hardware that can be used for this system. Most electronic dictionaries are conservatively designed and can not be used for this unique system.
Note: This software may not worked on Nintendo 3DS sold outside Japan, but you can purchase the Japanese version of the Nintendo 3DS from Japanese mail order houses.


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